QRTalk is available for Android and iPhone

QRTalk is a private, secure, temporary and anonymous mobile messaging platform
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privatePrivate: everything is in your hands

QRTalk consists of a server and a mobile app. You can run your own server, or connect to a server run by someone else you trust. You are in control of data storage, physical server access and service life-span.

secureSecure: strong end-to-end encryption

All exchanged messages are encrypted end-to-end on your device. Encryption is done using a serial combination of symmetric-key and public-key cryptography, much like PGP does. Asymmetric key pairs are generated and stored on your device only.

temporaryTemporary: user selected time-to-live

All exchanged messages are tagged with a user selected time-to-live. When time-to-live expires messages are deleted from server, from your device and from all destination devices.

anonymousAnonymous: no personal info

QRTalk uses anonymous random IDs to identify users and groups. User IDs are used to route messages from sender to recipient devices. The only information stored on server is anonymous user IDs, group IDs and public keys for end-to-end encryption.